TIPO 02: Build with GRP Tub.

What do I get when I purchase a Tipo 2?

You get:

  • A front and rear space frame, joined to a fabricated centre section with GRP skin.
  • Homologated type roll cage, complete with engineers report.
  • A GRP panel set in your choice of Gel coat colour.
  • Doors in GRP Corsa type.

Space frames are built in house by Carteroni on our purpose built jigs. The tubing used is low carbon 10 10 Seamless steel tubing. Sizing copied from an original 037. All suspension mounting points are all as per original 037. Where applicable all welding is Tig.

Space Frames can be customised to your individual requirements, but may alter the cost.

Panel Sets are produced by a professional sub contractor who has many years experience in the GRP field. Each set is a customised job, therefore you are able to specify your own individual set, whether you are going to use the car for race rally or street use. The panel sets come ready to use, there is no need to paint your car once finished, you specify when ordering the panel set, standard gel coat colours are available.

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