In-house Build

If you Love the Lancia Rally 037 but lack the time or the expertise to build it yourself then you can find solace at Carteroni. We will work with you to build your 037 dream and make it a reality.

The first decision is to decide which option you want to use, Donor or Fabricated Tub. By using a donor Montecarlo/Scorpion (Spider version prefered) you will have a more genuine recreation of the Rally 037.By choosing the Fabricated Tub option you have a completely new vehicle and remove the need to carryout restoration of the donor tub pre-build. Each option has its pros and cons but we can help you make the best choices to suit your needs.

When we carry out an in house build, you are involved in the whole process as each car is brought to life for the individual owner, you deal with us directly and because we build the car for you we make the connection between you and the car. We customise the car to your requirements and work with you to achieve the end result 037 ownership!

As each customer is different and has different requirements of the 037 the price to build also differs, As a guide we have set an indicative value to build in house our Rally 037 Recreation at $200,000 NZD,

More money can happily be spent on different engine specification ,gearbox, suspension,braking etc etc...

Our Own 037 Build

In the photo's below we have before and after shots of the upper rear roof cross member which requires width reduction to enable fitting of the double bubble roof as fitted to 037.

Untitled1 Untitled2

You can see in the photo's below the damage to the centre tunnel section through the cockpit. We have reshaped and cut out the damage and are about to weld in repair sections.


Here is a fun way of looking at how the 037 unfolds! From a MonteCarlo.


In these photos you can see the upper rear cross member that we have fabricated. It has internal reinforcement and and seat belt mounting plates inside the structure. Also in one of the photo's you will see the vertical member which is part of the rear structure that the space frame marries into.

Untitled5 Untitled6

Mr Stratos Loughnan (Marteroni) has been busy at work making the front body panel and it fits up very well! Suddenly the car came to life! He is soon to be busy building the rear buck and double bubble roof!!


Thanks to the great help of Marteroni, we now have some marvellous progress on the 037 body shell.


Carteroni has made good progress aswell on the rear space frame.  Carteroni and Marteroni working together make a great team.

Untitled9 Untitled10

Assembling the mock up of engine gearbox and sub frame.


We have been working hard over the last few months, developing ideas around our suspension, steering and wheels.  A matter of contacting people around the world, to see who has the parts we require.